- You only have one chance to make that first impression -

Make it the best!

The Keuring could be a life changing event for you and your Friesian. Your horse could leave the inspection with a new title, improved pedigree and an increased monetary value.


When your Friesian steps into the show ring, there are MANY factors that affect what the judges see. Preparing for this important day is more than just washing your horse and getting out the white bridle. It is the knowledge of the breed, the evaluation of the individual horse, the training, conditioning and much more that can make you successful. You want proper presentation of your horse and you want your horse to perform to his or her highest potential, to step into the ring ready to show and make you proud.


I am now offering my expertise to help you realize your Keuring goals. Here at Signature Friesians, I focus on enhancing the beauty of the "natural" Friesian movement and not the "man-made" movement.


I only take a limited number of horses every year as I want to make sure each horse gets all the attention he or she needs for the highest chance of success. In most cases, I am booked several months in advance if not year/years. Call for more details and evaluations.


Call Pam @ 785-594-3012 or 785-423-4024 today for your reservation!




2019 Booked

2020-Booking up fast



*All horses MUST arrive last week of June

*Training starts July 1- keuring day (3 month program)




Keuring Prep Fees:

* * Limited Enrollment * *

Yearling or Two Year Old Mare for Premie-

$3,200.00 + Board

Mare for Studbook/Ster, Kroon, Model or Premie-

$3,500.00 + Board

Gelding for Studbook/Ster or Premie-

$3,500.00 + Board

Stallion for Studbook/Ster-

$4,000.00 + Board

Evaluating  Horse-


                                                                                   Board per month-


Daily Evaluations, Recommendation and Feeding Program-

for IBOP Training Horse

$250.00 + Board




If you want to give your Friesian the opportunity to look and perform at their best I highly recommend sending your horse to Pam Gish of Signature Friesians for keuring prep. I have a nice mare that I tried for ster 3 times and she would consistently receive a 3rd premie. I sent her to Pam on the 4th try and she came out looking amazing and finally received 2nd premie ster! I have seen several horses enter Pam’s training program and am consistently amazed at the transformation that happens with them during their time with her.  I have seen Pam on keuring day and she spends more time fussying and worrying about her clients horses then she does her own.  She takes extreme pride in preparing and showing her clients horses.   The only issue is this secret is now out and you have to reserve your spot in her training early before she fills up!

Heather Williams - Roaring Wind Friesians



We purchased our mares from Signature Friesians.  We felt very fortunate to have found such high quality breeding mares.  To prepare for the upcoming 2010 kuering we decided we would put the mares in training with Signature Friesians.  When the time came, we dropped off the two pregnant mares and in two short months Pam and the family at Signature Friesians  transformed our horses. While they were in training, we received updates on there progress.  This meant the world to us, as our horses are a large part of our family.  We were very excited for the kuering and the opportunity to see our girls.  We were truly amazed!  Pam met us at the barn and asked "What do you think?"  We were still speechless. Then she said " I wish I could have had one more month with them."  All we could think is what else could you do?  They were astounding.  Pam was able to create a unique training program that targeted the mares areas of weakness.

For example, one of our mares has a thinner neck and needed more muscle and definition on her top line.  On that wonderful day the mare with the not so thin neck anymore, won Champion of the Day.  Both mares received their ster rating.  We talk about one thing after each kuering we have attended.  You can tell which horses have been in training with Pam and which have not.  We highly recommend the kuering training boot camp that Pam and all of her staff put on.  It is a great experience and they make you feel like part of the family.

Thank you for everything!

Todd, Lisa and the whole Blue Ribbon Friesians Family


I do know that If it hadn't been for Pam's keen eye, instinct and hands-on training and conditioning, I probably wouldn't have entered Trinity for Ster.  But I did, and she got Ster and Champion Mare of the 2005 Keuring.  What a thrill that was!   

Peggy Rhodes-MMS Friesians



I bought a young Friesian mare that had never had any formal training and I did not have the knowledge to train her myself.  I needed good training as I wanted to enter my mare in the next Keuring that was only about 8 weeks away.  In checking for a good trainer, I had several people recommend Pam with Signature Friesians.  I contacted Pam and felt comfortable with her method and recommendations for my mare (Tina) and had Tina shipped to Signature Friesions.  
I was concerned about entering the Keuring as I knew there was not much time left for training and Tina was very green.  Within 6 weeks I could not believe the difference in Tina's looks, attitude and movement.  Tina had put on a lot of muscle, seem to genuinely enjoy training and I was surprised at her movement.  She was more confident, poised and calmer than she was for me.

We were still a little nervous about the Keuring as Tina had never been around crowds, flags flying, cameras flashing, loud

music and loudspeaker announcements.  To top that off, Tina was being handled by 2 strangers in front of 3 judges and many other horses.  
During the performance, Tina looked like she was showing off.  She was loving the performance.  Tina not only won Ster but was called back to perform with the older horses and again called back to compete for best in show.  She did not make best in show for the judges but she was a big winner in my eyes.  After the show the head judge told me Tina has beautiful movement.
Tina is a wonderful horse but I believe she would never have been ready and with such success without the excellent and skilled training she received from Pam.
When I looked for a trainer, one of my biggest concerns was how they train.  I have seen trainers use cruel devices, whip horses or be extremely rough on them.  I would never allow that with my horses.  Pam was firm with Tina but never mean and it was obvious that Tina genuinely trusted and loved Pam.  

Pam is one of the best trainers I have ever seen and would recommend her highly.  She is very skilled and it is obvious she loves horses which I think is very important as the horse can sence it and builds a trust between horse and trainer.

Ron Covell


Owning a Friesian was my dream, one I researched for several years before diving into. My husband and I attended the Keuring at Signature Friesians two years before purchasing a Friesian of our own. We saw over the two years that the horses presented by Signature were always the top recipients. We finally purchased a mare, and presented her as a 3yr old and 4yr old - only coming up with 3rd premie. I was losing hope she would ever become a Ster mare. But I decided to try one more time, and this time get some help. There was no doubt...I was going to Pam Gish! I had seen her horses over the years and there is NO COMPARISON. You know Pam's horses - they are the ones in top condition - both physically and mentally - (and the ones that win!). Pam was wonderful with communicating Trynie's progress, and keeping an open door for me to visit whenever I wanted. Everytime I saw her she looked incredible. The day of the Keuring, I was in awe! Was that MY MARE? I had never seen her so black - her coat was flawless, her mane and tail had grown and thickened - she was in good spirits - and showed beautifully. When they announced her Ster - I burst into tears - I had almost given up. The first face I saw was Pam's as she walked briskly to me with a huge smile and hug saying Congratulations. I was speechless. My dream had come true and now even better - I had a Ster Mare.

My mare is not perfect - but with Pam's expertise - so much can be done to strengthen their weaknesses and truly turn them out to their BEST. Don't give up, get Pam!

Nicole Hocking


All I can say is EXCELLENCE!  I brought my mare to Pam Gish for Keuring preparation three times, 2008, 2009, and 2010 with excellent success. 

2008 – 1st Premium Ster Mare (Reserve Day Champion)

2009 – 1st Premium Ster Mare (Reserve Day Champion and Provisional Kroon)

2010 – Training for IBOP (2010 Highest score in North America – Kroon Mare)

My mare has never looked so good.  One year, I did not even recognize her as she was being bathed.  Her physical transformation was unbelievable.  She went from looking like a typical young Friesian to a phenomenal athlete.  She was in the best physical shape, mental shape and her appearance was supreme.  Pam is an incredible trainer with a work ethic that is to the extreme.  Your horse will receive top notch care and training.  Pam is excellent about communicating with you how your horse is doing during her training program.  She is honest, full of integrity

and genuinely cares about each client’s horse.  I have never worked with any trainer that works as hard and diligently as Pam.  I would recommend Pam Gish at Signature Friesians without hesitation.  If you want your horse to be the best…send them to the best! 

Kathy Rogers













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